Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register with Anonibet?
Registration with Anonibet is very simple. All you need to do is provide a valid email address and choose a password.

What happens if I forget my login credentials?
Because Anonibet does not require any personal identification information from clients, keeping login credentials secure is solely the responsibility of the client. In case you have forgotten your password, but are still able to access the email address you provided during registration, you can reset your password and the information to reset your password will be emailed to you. If you are not able to access the email account you provided during registration, there is unfortunately no way you will be able to access your account. Therefore, we urge you to exercise extreme caution in maintaining the security of your Anonibet and email accounts.

Can I register with more than one account?
Anonibet requires all clients to use only one account.

I live in a country where gambling is illegal, can I register?
Registration and gambling on Anonibet is solely the Client´s responsibility. We do not require any personal information from our clients but we do not encourage any illegal activity.

How can I deposit bitcoins to my Anonibet account?
Once you register, proceed to the deposit page. There you will find a Bitcoin address tied to your account where you can send the funds. Once you send the bitcoins and once the network confirms the transaction, the amount will be deposited to your Anonibet account.

I have sent bitcoins to my Anonibet account. How long does it take for bitcoins to appear in my Anonibet account?
The Bitcoin network is a decentralized network without central servers. Thus every Bitcoin transaction is recorded in thousands of different computers in order to prevent double spending. This means it may take some time for the network to register and confirm the transaction.

Can I speed up the confirmation of my deposit?
Yes. All the bitcoin wallets, whether online wallets like or local wallets like Bitcoin QT have the option of speeding up transfers. This does generally include a small fee, however. Once you pay the fee the confirmation time is greatly reduced.

Are there any deposit or withdrawal fees?
Anonibet does not charge any fees for bitcoin transactions. But since regular network confirmation may take a while for bitcoin transfers, clients may pay fees to miners through their wallets, to speed up the process.

Why is my withdrawal taking longer than 1-2 hours to process?
Due to the anonymous nature of our registration process, more resources are required to complete the withdrawal process. In some cases, to ensure the safety of our member’s accounts, and the integrity of the website payment process as a whole, our Risk Management team may need to examine the individual winning (and losing) bets and analyse the historical betting patterns of the member. Unfortunately, by maintaining this safety and integrity process, some individual exceptional withdrawal requests may be delayed. Please note that Anonibet has been continuously operating a Bitcoin sportsbook since 2011, longer than any other Bitcoin sportsbook in existence. We stand by the safety of our member’s accounts, and the integrity of our website. We value our reputation, and we attempt to ensure that the assets of our members and our company are protected by the highest levels of encryption, and the most effective Risk Management processes.

After I make a deposit, can I withdraw my funds without placing any bets?
Clients are required to wager the whole amount that was deposited, before any withdrawal request can be processed. If you would like to withdraw funds without making a wager, a 5% handling fee will be levied.

Are there any minimum or maximum limits for depositing and withdrawing?
The minimum deposit amount is 0.1 mBTC. The maximum amount you can withdraw from your Anonibet account is 5 BTC per 24 hour period.

Can I see my transaction history?
Yes, you can see all your transaction history from the top menu on the Account History page.

Do you keep my Bitcoins in your servers?
No. Although we keep our client?s funds separate, we do not keep any Bitcoins in our servers for safety reasons.

Does volatility on Bitcoin markets affect my Bitcoin account with Anonibet?
No. Anonibet keeps all deposits in Bitcoins therefore market volatility does not affect your balance in Bitcoins. Since December 2011 Anonibet accepts Bitcoin as the only payment solution. We trust in the future of Bitcoin as a digital currency.

How are the odds displayed?
Anonibet can display odds in the decimal, fractional or American style. You can decide and pick your favorite odds display from the main page.

I have already funded my Anonibet account. How do I place bets?
Pick a sport from the left menu and either from the advanced search from the top of the page, or from the league menu, you will reach the events display page. You can also access specific leagues of different sports from the Quick Links dropdown menu on the top right of the home page.
From there, you can pick your bets and add to the betting slip on the right side by clicking on the odds of you pick. You can also browse different bet types for each event.
Once you have selected your choices, you can enter the amount you want to wager on the right side of the pick on the betting slip. If you enter the amount right next to the selection on the betting slip, this indicates you want to place a single bet for only the outcome of that selection. You can also add different picks to the betting slip and place a multiple bet entering an amount at the bottom of the betting slip. In order to win the multiple bet all the picks must win.
Once you enter the stake press the ?play now? button. There you will see a confirmation page asking you to confirm your selections. You will be able to see all your picks, how much you wagered for each pick, and your possible winnings. Once you press the confirm button, and you see the confirmation page, your bets are officially accepted.

Can I change my bets after I confirmed them?
All bets are final and cannot be cancelled by the Client.

What happens if and when the odds change of the specific pick on which I have placed a bet?
All the odds of your picks are fixed when you bet on them. Any change of the odds do not affect your bets.

What is a single bet?
A single bet is a bet where you wager on the result of a single event. The possible pay out of a single bet is calculated by multiplying the stake with the odds of that single pick.

What is a multiple bet?
A multiple bet is a bet where you wager on the results of multiple events. For a multiple bet to win, all of the picks included in that bet have to win. The possible pay out of a multiple bet is calculated by multiplying the odds of all the picks and then multiplying those combined odds with the wager.

What is a system bet?
A system bet is a bet that allows you to bet on more than one multiple bet at the same time from a certain number of picks on your betting slip.
For example if you have 5 different picks on your betting slip you can wager on different combinations of those 5 picks. For 5 picks you can choose a 5/2 system, a 5/3 system, or a 5/4 system. If you decide to choose the 5/2 system this means you are betting all the combinations of two picks out of the total 5 picks on your slip, which is a total of 10 different multiple bets.
In the case where you bet on a 5/2 system the actual 10 bets consist of the following: First pick and the second pick. First pick and the third pick. First pick and fourth pick. First pick and fifth pick. Second pick and third pick. Second pick and fourth pick. Second pick and fifth pick. Third pick and fourth pick. Third pick and fifth pick. Fourth pick and fifth pick.
A system bet is a good way of spreading your risk among different picks.
You can also designate one banker when you are playing a system bet. When you pick a banker, which means you trust that selection, it is present in all the possible variations of bets. This decreases the total number of multiple bets and it also means if the banker pick loses, all of the multiple bets of the system bet lose.
The betting slip on the right side of the page will guide you and tell you how many actual bets you are making with different system bets. On the confirmation page you can actually see all the different multiple bets in detail.

Are there any minimums and maximums for the amount wagered?
The minimum amount that can be wagered is 0.00001 BTC or 0.01 mBTC. The maximums are set differently for each sport and bet type. The betting slip will guide you and indicate the maximum you are able to bet.

How long does it take for the bets to be settled?
We settle all the bets and pay as soon as we are able confirm the official outcomes of each event. This usually takes only a few minutes for most events. But sometimes in exotic sports or leagues the time to confirm the results might take longer. Anonibet aims to settle all bets as soon as possible.

Where can I see a history of the bets I have already made?
The bets you have made are either open or settled depending on the time after you made you bet. You can see your open and settled bets any time from the top menu under History.

What happens when I win?
When you win a bet, the pay out is added to your Anonibet account total once the relevant results are officially confirmed. The Anonibet account total is displayed on the top right side of every page of our website if you are logged in. You can follow all the transactions from the top menu on the History page.

What happens if an event that I bet on is postponed or cancelled?
If an event is postponed no longer than 48 hours, the bets remain valid. Bets are cancelled if the event is postponed longer than 48 hours after the original start time. If the event is cancelled, the bets are also cancelled, and the bets are returned to the Clients account.

How does Live Betting differ from regular betting?
We offer ´in play´ betting opportunities on specified events while it is still underway. The major difference in Live Betting is that odds are subject to constant change since the odds of possible outcomes change constantly. However, once your bet is placed and officially accepted, your odds will not change.

I placed a bet in Live Betting but although it was confirmed initially, my bet was cancelled later on. Why is that?
Live betting requires a very sensitive data flow since odds change all the time. Most of the time there are no problems and the odds we display on the page are correct and the bets are accepted. But sometimes due to human error or technical glitches, old and/or invalid odds may still be displayed. In those cases Anonibet rolls back those bets affected, and returns the wagers to the client?s account.